Global Variety Management

KiwiKo is a global kiwifruit variety management company, specialising in variety protection and development, managing protected kiwifruit varieties from evaluation through to commercialisation.

Relationships & Innovation

At KiwiKo we embrace a dynamic approach to business relationships, prioritising both growth and connectedness with all role-players. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, innovation, and reliability. Our team is passionate and motivated by the immense possibilities of developing innovative and superior kiwifruit genetics within the global industry.

Our Reach

With a presence in seven territories worldwide and a continuously growing global network, KiwiKo is positioning itself at the forefront of the industry, leveraging innovative partnerships to shape the future of kiwifruit cultivation and genetics.

Varieties for the Future

KiwiKo invested in Yanoon BioTech, a leading kiwifruit breeding program. Through our exclusive access to the breeding program, we strive to select extraordinary new kiwifruit varieties that have exceptional taste, strong colour, appealing shape, long shelf life, high yield, resilience to heat, and disease tolerance.