Our Services

Breeder Relations

We provide variety owners and producers with a specialised service of variety development and commercialisation. Identifying suitable varieties and presenting a profile of varieties that are commercially viable, to producers.

Testing and Evaluation

We evaluate varieties in different growing regions to provide feedback on the commercial potential of varieties and to provide producers with meticulously evaluated and tested varieties.

Technical Support

We provide technical advice on the evaluation and commercial production of varieties, and we support our commercial varieties through research and development.

Marketing, Trademark Development & Management

We create, develop, protect, and manage trademarks adding value to varieties. We develop annual marketing plans and programs to maintain value and build market share.

Plant Material Management

We distribute plant material globally. We manage and coordinate the importation and quarantine of plant material as well as the setup of mother blocks and the propagation of plant material.

IP Management and Licensing

We manage the registration and tracking of Plant Variety Rights and Trademarks. We manage the licensing of the complete development and commercialisation process, from propagation of plant material to the marketing of fruit.

Commercial Models and Royalty Management

We develop commercial models tailored to suit specific varieties and countries / regions and manage the invoicing and payment of royalties to variety owners.

Our Focus

Strong global network

We aim to connect the complete value chain from breeder to producer to consumer via a strong global network with relationships at every level.

Market-led approach

By bridging the gap between stakeholders, we ensure that the needs of every role-player in the value-chain is fulfilled, thereby ensuring sustainable growth that is beneficial for the entire industry.

Yanoon BioTech breeding program

Recognising the need for new varieties, KiwiKo invested in one of the world’s leading kiwifruit breeding programs, Yanoon BioTech, based in Changsha, China. KiwiKo exclusively manages the Yanoon varieties worldwide, excluding China.

Program of varieties

KiwiKo’s access to the Yanoon varieties allow for an ongoing evaluation program making it possible to focus on and manage a selection of varieties that will continue to meet the demands of both the producer and the consumer into the future.

Global Network

KiwiKo has a continuously growing network across the world. Our relationships with role-players in different territories and at every level of the value-chain facilitates our ability to develop varieties globally.

Our territories and licensees